INNOVAForONE conference, 18-19 April

The “INNOVAForONE: Innovations in Forestry and Synergies between EU Networks” conference is organised in Valladolid (Spain) and online, on 18-19 April. The event brings together diverse European Forestry networks, including EUFORE, and is the final conference of the ONEforest project.

The event offers collaboration and knowledge exchange for the academic forestry community, forestry professionals, technology experts, researchers, private forest owners, public managers, entrepreneurs, and NGOs across the EU. EU projects including EUFORE, Forest4EU, RESONATE and SMURF will present their work and expertise, as well as the European Forest Institute, ERIAFF Network, Mediterranean Model Forest Network and the Innovawood Network.

On day 1, our Project Coordinator Alex Giurca will give a general introduction to EUFORE and the SRIA process.

On day two, EUFORE partner CTFC will host a policy workshop in a world-café format, where EUFORE researchers will present their policy analysis results and discuss with participants how different regulations affect forest management, wood, and other FES supplies and demands.

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