Behind the scenes:  WP1 on European funding and governance structures

In previous blog posts we’ve looked at the analysis in WP1 of research activity and innovations.

In parallel, Task 1.3 led by INRAE is also investigating European funding and governance structures of forest and wood-based research and innovation.

There are three levels of analysis with different methods, enabling us to look at the European, national and regional situations.

A literature review is helping to uncover the main trends and evolution of R&I funding and governance, and how they shape the current landscape of the sector. Our preliminary results show a process of privatization and internationalization of forest research.

Partners have also created a database to list all the forest and forestry-related projects funded by the European Commission funding programmes since 2007, in order to analyse forestry R&I funding distribution at the European level.

For example, we can see the net EU funding distributed to EU countries and the UK, or the share of funding allocated by type of actors (eg research centres, higher education, private sector etc).

Preliminary observations show that for 2007-2020, most of the EU funding for forest and wood-related projects goes to Western European Countries, as well as Scandinavian countries and some Mediterranean countries. Eastern European countries are less funded, so there are important disparities in funding distribution.

If we take a look at the share of funding, we can see that most funding was attributed to private for-profit entities, closely followed by Research centres and Higher education establishments.

The rest of the analysis will be to find explanations for these observations and differences!

So far, we have focused on the European level, but we are also preparing a template for national and regional-level case studies. Our goal is to know what type of policy instruments and funding instruments are used to fund forest-related R&I, by which actors and for which actors, as well as to compare the differences between countries and regions. With the project partners in this task we are targeting Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Slovakia and Spain.

Finally, to complete our analyses with qualitative data, there will be a survey of forest R&I stakeholders. Stay tuned for more information!

Featured image: Michael Foursert on Unsplash