Ico Strategic R&I agenda

Strategic R&I
agenda (SRIA)

One of the main outputs of EUFORE is a strategic R&I agenda for forestry and the forest-based sector (SRIA), along with accompanying implementation measures and stakeholder commitments.

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A strategic R&I agenda for forestry and the forest-based sector SRIA


A basis for a European Partnership on Forests and Forestry

Reaching informed


A review of European R&I activity, funding and governance in the sector


Information on Societal expectations towards the sector


Analysis of the sector’s Policy framework and its R&I implications


Foresight analysis of the sector development

Why do we need a SRIA?

EUFORE’s work creates a solid collaborative basis for a European Partnership on Forestry. European Partnerships are Horizon Europe initiatives which bring together the European Commission and public and/or private partners to support the development and implementation of an R&I programme.

EUFORE supports the Standing Committee on Agricultural Research Strategic Working Group on Forests and Forestry Research and Innovation – SCAR FOREST – which is developing a European Partnership on Forestry.

SCAR was established in 1974 and it contains representatives of more than 35 countries (EU Member States and Observers). It is focused on R&I priorities to address Europe’s challenges in agriculture, fisheries, food systems, forestry, and the wider bioeconomy. SCAR and its dedicated Working Groups is a key platform for co-creating five Horizon Europe Partnerships.

A Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda – SRIA – is a precondition to launch a Partnership and needs to be agreed with the European Commission. Hence, the R&I agenda setting requires an extensive stakeholder consultation process. EUFORE supports SCAR FOREST for the preparation of a possible European R&I Partnership on Forests and Forestry for a 7-year period, launched during the 2nd Strategic Plan of Horizon Europe in 2025-2028.