Work Packages

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The overarching ambition of EUFORE is to improve the sector’s research and innovation funding and governance structure. We aim to develop a sustainable, transnational, co-creative environment to define, implement and evaluate research and innovation (R&I) agenda and roadmap for the entire forest-based value chains in Europe. This is done by our 15 partners across Europe. Our work is divided in five work packages.

Eufore Workpackage

WP 1

R&I knowledge base

WP 1 maps the status and trends of forest-based research and innovation in Europe, as well as the research and innovation funding and its governance for European forests and the forest-based sector. This work package is led by University of Copenhagen

WP 2

Alternative future of European forest and the forest-based sector and resulting R&I implications

WP 2 maps the future demands towards European forests resulting from various socio-economic, climate and environmentally related trends that are likely to have an impact on forests in European regions and globally. This work package is led by Natural Resources Institute Finland.

WP 3

Stakeholder engagement towards a European Partnership on forestry

WP 3 develops the protocol for EUFORE stakeholder engagement and together with the stakeholders co-designs on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for the European forest-based sector as well as its roadmap. This work package is led by Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e V.

WP 4

Communication, dissemination and exploitation

WP 4 plans and carries out the communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project outcomes and results. The key objectives are to explain the project and its results to a wide variety of audiences, maximising impact and transfer of knowledge; to facilitate and support outreach to stakeholders and policymakers and to support the process towards the Partnership, and ensure concrete use and exploitation of the project’s work. All this is done with the support of all project partners, led by European Forest Institute.

WP 5

Project management

European Forest Institute coordinates EUFORE, with the task of providing the structure and conditions for the successful implementation and completion of the project.