The 26th IUFRO World Congress brought 4300 delegates to Stockholm, Sweden with 3500 presentations, 70+ showcased innovations, and more. Many EUFORE partners attended the event, engaging with various stakeholders to discuss the ongoing development of the strategic research and innovation agenda, conducting surveys, gathering data, and presenting some initial project results. Below are some of the EUFORE highlights from #IUFRO2024.

The EUFORE project coordinator, Alex Giurca (EFI), was joined by Mika Kallio from MMM at the FNR booth to discuss engaging in the SRIA and ongoing European partnerships with congress participants.

Later, Alex was joined by Mireia Pecurul-Botines from CTFC who presented the ongoing policy study and the open survey on policy statements:

Ivana Živojinović also joined the EUFORE booth to talk about the important role of innovation in the future of the forest-based sector. Ivana also took this opportunity to distribute questionnaires regarding innovation activities in organizations: and companies:

The activities of the EUFORE project align closely with the statement from the IUFRO congress. The statement encourages the global science community to utilize knowledge effectively, strengthen forest resilience and climate adaptation, maintain and enhance the social values of forests for sustainable societies, expand the role of forests and forest products in a responsible circular bioeconomy, and transform forest-related sciences for the future. EUFORE actively contributes to achieving these goals, through ongoing co-creation efforts and by developing a sustainable, transnational, co-creative environment to define, implement, and evaluate a research and innovation (R&I) agenda and roadmap for the forest-based value chains in Europe and beyond.