Upcoming: First regional stakeholder workshop

The first regional EUFORE stakeholder workshop takes place on 15 June 2023. During this online workshop the participants will learn about our project goals, and get an overview of what a European Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) is. EUFORE supports the establishment of a European Partnership on Forestry by developing a SRIA together with our stakeholders.

The workshop contributes to the co-creation of the SRIA by starting the initial collection of R&I themes which should be covered within the SRIA. Our specific focus is to collect region specific input from the stakeholders, and later on combine them with perspectives collected in the other regional workshops.

This first workshop will have participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg, representing industry and businesses; research; civil society and governance and regulators.

This workshop is by invitation only.

Photo: vegefox.com /AdobeStock