New project provides insights into future forest research and innovation priorities

Newly-started Horizon Europe project EUFORE (European Forest Research and Innovation Ecosystem) aims to provide insights into the future research and innovation priorities of the forest-based sector.

Society is witnessing an unprecedented series of crises at a global scale, both ecological, economic and social. Forests and forestry play a key role in dealing with these challenges and in facilitating the transition to a modern-resource efficient economy which is carbon neutral and decoupled from environmental depletion. Forests are central to reaching the EU’s ambitious plans for a sustainable circular bioeconomy – but are under increasing pressure from environmental processes (e.g. fires, droughts, pests and diseases), and increased human activities.

To overcome the challenges faced by forests and unlock their full potential, we need innovative solutions, based on improved knowledge. The four-year EUFORE (European Forest Research and Innovation Ecosystem) project will assess and outline research and innovation needs, and provide a platform for increased R&I cooperation, coordination and joint funding for forestry and the forest-based sector.

The project aims to develop a sustainable, transnational, inclusive cooperation platform to engage with a broad range of stakeholders. With them, it will evaluate, define and co-create a strategic Research and Innovation agenda for forestry and the forest-based sector, as well as accompanying roadmaps, implementation measures and stakeholder commitments. This supports the preparation for a possible European research and innovation Partnership on forests under the Horizon Europe Programme.

The project consortium consists of 15 partner organisations from 10 countries and is coordinated by the European Forest Institute. Project coordinator Dr. Marko Lovrić from EFI said: “Forestry and the forest-based sector play an important role in tackling important societal challenges, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation and transition to a resource-efficient and competitive European green economy. Fostering R&I is of vital importance for the sector to achieve its potential in addressing these challenges.”

“EUFORE’s primary role is to facilitate conception of a shared understanding of where we want to go as a sector and what is needed to get us there. I am very excited to be a part of this process and look forward to work with the project’s talented team.”

The project will launch its activities with a kick-off meeting in Brussels on 24-25 November. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming EUFORE website and social media channels.

More information:  Project coordinator Marko Lovrić (marko.lovric @

First published 1.11.2022 at EFI website.