Making communication innovative: How is EUFORE contributing to healthy forest through its communication material?

In EUFORE, research and innovation in the forest and forest-based sector is at the core of all our activities. For this reason, the EUFORE team initiated a dedicated research on different products that may guide research and innovation in the forest-value chain in the future, while providing valuable communication materials for the project. As a result, we decided to generate innovative printed materials that will convey such values and contribute to healthy forests.

Together with designer Silvia Robertelli, we identified different global actors working on sustainable innovations in the paper industry. This research resulted in several astonishing examples. For instance, the artist Dodgy Roger, from Dodgy Paper, is producing its own paper art with carefully selected paper waste with the aim of substantially reducing the amount of water consumed during the process.  

Overall, we identified more than 40 different alternatives that may guide future forestry research and innovation. Such innovative processes work with 100% post-consumer recycled papers, alternative papers based on non-wood forest materials such as cork or mushrooms, algae, agricultural or domestic waste, handmade recycled papers, and many more.

In order to develop innovative communication material for EUFORE, we chose to collaborate with a Belgian printer, Superdruk, to produce unique postcards for the project. Superdruk, as a graphic design studio with a beautiful collection of historic printing material, prints artisanally with letterpress machines. For the realisation of the postcards, Superdruk utilised its own paper material and also collaborated with European paper companies that are innovative in their sector and that could provide the material to print on: Gmund Paper, Favini,

The EUFORE postcards were produced with different kinds of paper and materials:

  • Handmade paper from high-quality paper offcuts
  • Reclaimed papers from Fine Art misprints
  • Paper from agricultural waste (process residues from almonds)
  • Paper from agricultural waste (process residues from kiwis)
  • Paper from alternative fibres (straw, grass, cotton, and cannabis)

With these unique postcards, EUFORE aims to show how innovation can help to shift to a more sustainable model and encourage the development of a circular economy where various wastes and by-products can be upcycled and therefore recovered. The postcards contain a QR code to out project’s website. They are being circulated at our events, encouraging their use by participants and stakeholders, while promoting ways to contribute to healthy forests.

Which innovations and research priorities may guide forests and the forest-based sectors in Europe? EUFORE is committed to answer this question, and set the direction of forestry research and innovation in the future through its project activities as well as through its communications efforts.