First SRIA draft presented during stakeholder event

Our first SRIA version was presented to stakeholders and the interested public on 16 May in an online event organized by FNR and attended by over 150 participants. The event kicked off with a brief introduction of the EUFORE project by the project coordinator Alex Giurca (EFI).  The SRIA Development and the European Partnership “Forests and Forestry for a Sustainable Future” were then presented by Jan Schmidt (FNR) and Mika Kallio (MMM).

Three inspiring keynote speeches were given by Orsolya Frizon Somogyi (EC/DG AGRI), Johan Elvnert  (FTP), and Sydney Vennin (Fern). The keynotes commended the efforts made by the project consortium in drafting a comprehensive and well-structured first draft. They urged the consortium to keep up this important work and offered helpful suggestions on improving cross-cutting and cross-sectoral collaboration, setting more specific targets, and integrating civil society better in research and policy-making.

Oliver Brendel (INRAE) presented an overview of the SRIA chapter “Forest Ecology”, Mikko Kurttila (LUKE) presented the chapter on  “Diversifying Forest Management of Europe´s Forests”. The SRIA chapter “Forest Products”  was then presented by Isabel Rodriguez-Maribona Galvez (Tecnalia), followed by the chapter “Addressing Societal and Policy Dynamics: Societal Well-being, Governance and Innovation in Forestry and the Forest-Based-Sector”  presented by Ivana Zivojinovic (BOKU).

The chapter presentations were well received by the attendees, who were able to comment and address questions to the presenters in the comments. A lively discussion was moderated by Mika Kallio (MMM), and the project consortium collected constructive feedback on various aspects ranging from specific terminology, to identifying emerging research gaps and cross-cutting topics that could be further elaborated in the SRIA.

For the next two weeks, Miro boards have been set up for collecting  participant and stakeholder feedback on each individual SRIA chapter.

Download instructions about how to use the Miro boards and follow the links.