Behind the scenes: WP1 & systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis

In WP1, partners are busy mapping the status and trends of forest-based research and innovation in Europe, as well as the research and innovation funding and its governance. The aim is to provide a knowledge base for stakeholder discussions on the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), and roadmap.

Some of the progress made so far was presented in our European-level stakeholder workshop in Brussels in December 2023.

In Task 1.1 led by UCPH, our partners are carrying out a systematic literature review and bibliometric analysis to help answer the question: What are the research activity, capacities, geographical distribution, trends and emerging research directions in Europe?

From the literature “review of reviews”, we can see the topics which appear often in the scientific literature, and those which have been less written about. Ecology/ecosystem services and human-health-related fields represent the largest share, and there are potential knowledge gaps in certain areas – this is extremely useful when we are thinking about what future research is needed.

Our bibliometric analysis of some 35,000 studies is enabling us to look at trends in research – for example we can see the 10 most frequently used author keywords – and how those have changed from 2000 to 2022. “Climate change” and “machine learning” show large increases, for example.

We have also tried to map the knowledge space, by looking at “co-occurrences” of keywords to see the underlying structure. We have found few (very) large communities, and many small communities.

We can zoom in to particular topics too – for example to look at keywords that are associated with “bioeconomy”, and see the trends within that cluster too.

What do we do next with this information? We’re currently working on expanding our reviews to cover over 1 million scientific articles, and to try and map collaborations, institutions and countries.

In parallel there’s also an ongoing investigation of innovation (Task 1.2) and funding and governance structures (Task 1.3) – more on this in a future blog post!

Featured image: Elisa Calvet B. on Unsplash